harmonious ensemble of buildings

Four individual residential buildings in traditional architectural style and Berlin City West’s first residential tower together form HIGH WEST on Heilbronner Straße, from the corner of Karlsruher Straße to Katharinenstraße, in the Charlottenburg area of Halensee. An underground car park completes the ensemble on a site totalling 5,000 square metres in size.

While the low-rise residential buildings are completely new housing developments, the tower, which was previously used solely for commercial purposes, is being gutted, given a modern natural stone façade and split into attractive residential units by adding several dividing walls. Whether you want to ‘reach for the stars’ or prefer to keep your ‘feet on the ground’ – HIGH WEST offers a wide range of apartments of varying sizes and configurations.

like living up in the sky

You can literally take off in the modernised residential tower – because from the upper floors in particular the views are absolutely heavenly! The high-rise tower was designed as an office block in the 1960s. After gutting and remodelling the façade, the 49 freehold apartments being built here are now being fitted with expansive glazed fronts and recessed balconies. The Tower’s apartments offer between 26 and 350 square metres of space. At the very top, a penthouse is set back behind a wonderful roof terrace.

a new place to socialise

A particularly charming feature of HIGH WEST is the small square that is being created outside the entrance to the now unobstructed tower. In fine weather, the terrace of a café on the tower’s ground floor will be an inviting spot to chill out and enjoy a drink.

with a style of their own

A total of 121 freehold apartments are being created in HIGH WEST’s four new low-rise residential buildings. In size they vary between 48 and 147 square metres. With the exception of the one-room apartments, they all have at least one recessed or outside balcony. Most of the ground-floor flats also have a private garden in the sunny, verdant inner courtyard. The top storey of each building is designed as a penthouse floor with spacious apartments and roof terraces.

A number of special features and characteristic details set the individual buildings apart from each other, offering a subtle variety of nuances. Nevertheless, they all follow a common design standard based on the traditional architectural style of the early 20th century.

green paradise

Laid out like a park, HIGH WEST’s inner courtyard, which is largely for shared use, embraces a large grassed area with different types of trees. There are also plenty of places to sit and islands with playground facilities for children of varying ages.

Since the entire plot slopes down two metres from west to east and the buildings along Heilbronner Straße reflect this drop, the inner courtyard is designed in a terraced format.