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ZIEGERT - Bank- und Finanzierungsconsulting GmbH offers free non-bank consultancy. With us, you can be sure to get the most favourable same-day offer for financing your property. Ample reason then to entrust yourself to.

We create an overview for you

Are you toying with the idea of buying property? Why not start by letting us brief you free and without obligation on your options for a perfect financing arrangement? After all, you need to know your financial latitude before you can fully exploit it.

Take advantage of our network

Our cooperation with more than 300 loan originators puts us in a position to secure the best terms for you. And with our extensive market overview, we can bring you bespoke solutions that suit your specific situation. We can also optimise your terms by accessing relevant funding programs, such as the one managed by the KfW development bank.

Financing can be that easy ...

ZIEGERT will relieve you from long-winded negotiations with possible finance partners. We will help you every step of the way, from the personal consulting interview to the signature-ready contract, and will ensure a swift and smooth approval and disbursement. And we will also be on hand for you after you signed your loan contract.

ZIEGERT Financing example

APT. 1.32 | HOUSE ONE – B 1st Floor / 4 Rooms / 103.23 SQM

Purchase price 494,000 €
Ancillary acquisition costs 68,913 €
Total costs 562,913 €
minus equity interest (equal to 20% of the purchase price plus the ancillary acquisition costs) 167,713 €
Funding need 395,200 €
Monthly rate 698 €
Interest rate p.a. 1.12 % (1.15 % p. a. actual interest)
Repayment 1,00 %
Residual debt of the fixed-interest period 353,628 €
Senior mortgage collateral  
Total loan term in years 67
Total amount of rates 805
Total amount due 562,364 €

Is there a way to finance with little or no equity? Yes, there is. In addition to financing the purchase price to 100 %, you may even get financing for the ancillary acquisition costs. Do get in touch with us.   What are the ancillary acquisition costs? These are one-off expenses to be paid in conjunction with the actual purchase price of a property. They are added as a percentage to the purchase price, and break down into three items: 1. Notary and land register fees: approx. 2% 2. ZIEGERT’s estate agent’s fee 5.95% incl. VAT (market average 7.14%) 3. Real estate transfer tax: 6% (in Berlin) In total the ancillary acquisition costs add up to about 13.95% of the purchase price.   When do the ancillary acquisition costs become due for payment? The ancillary acquisition costs must generally be paid 2 to 8 weeks after the acquisition.   How does the monthly rate break down? The monthly rate for annuity loans breaks down – including in these examples – into two components: INTEREST: This is the consideration paid to the bank for lending the principal. The amount depends on the fixed interest period you negotiated, and on the amount of equity you intend to commit. REPAYMENT: This partial amount goes toward repaying the loan. The repayment amount depends on the total life of the loan until full settlement.   Costs and financing as of: 08th December, 2016